‍‍‍‍‍‍The Story of Starman Tar‍‍‍ot

The Starman Tarot is an emer‍‍‍gent phenomena seeded and inspired by my artistic collaborations with the iconic David Bowie.‍‍‍

This, combined with my deep desire to explore and visualise the nature of reality, has given birth to rich and complex forms of graphic art – ‘potent visual alchemy’ as Bowie described it. In a strange twist of fate, the energy of the cards spans forty five years, connecting my first meeting with Bowie as a child in the early 70’s, through our work together in the 90’s, to my recent life in Bali which precipitated t‍‍‍his project, and finally back to the creative force field of Bristol, UK. The Starman Tarot, seeded so long ago in my mind and finally catalyzed into existence when this amazing individual and mentor died, refects the multitude of personalities, experiences and growth that transpired as a result of working with Bowie. It embodies the creative traces of all the amazingly talented and committed designers who worked with me to bring a Bowie project to life, Ultimately it reflects a lifetime of searching and experimenting, failing and regrouping. And above all growing and conceivably flowering through design, art, word, movement, and sound. ‍‍‍

The stylistic birth mother of the deck can be traced directly back to the ideas for a Tarot deck I started conceptualising in 1995 when working with Bowie. As a central theme, the archetype of the Starman was immensely alluring to me. The possibility of fusing the creative ideas I explored with Bowie, together with the visually rich system of the Tarot I had been fascinated by, was the ultimate opportunity and challenge, my artistic and psychological destiny perhaps. Strange as it may sound, I’ve felt that a Tarot deck has been following me ever since I was a small child – though barely able to conceive of such a thing, it was inviting me to create it. And yet I couldn’t quite see it until I started working with Bowie. I thought the opportunity was ripe back in 1995 but I quickly discovered it was no easy matter to set aside a year at the very least, to fully realise such a project. However, I was still acutely aware that the Tarot deck which had been following me since childhood, had been waiting for the right artistic fusion before fully revealing itself. Ever since then, what I instinctively named the Starman Tarot, has been a very tangible presence. The quiet invitation steadily grew into a fully blown demand. Bowie's passing in 2016 was the final sign that I had to bring this vision fully to life. Along the way, I came to intimately know the energy of the Starman archetype and trust in his guidance and wisd‍‍‍om. Each card was a strange, miraculous and sometimes difficult journey that led me to a deeper and deeper understanding of the hidden workings of reality. I remain forever a student of life, a broken mirror that reflects a million mysterious thoughts in its shards.‍‍‍

More about Davide De Angelis, the creator of Starman Tarot

Davide is from London, England. He is an award-winning Designer and Visionary Artist. He is also a bestselling Writer, Philosopher and Speaker. In his personal life he is a passionate Vegan, Wild Percussionist, Master Didgeridoo player and Dad.

He has worked for some of the most innovative companies and leaders in the world, including Apple, Virgin, Sony, and for seven years with the iconic David Bowie creating album art, fine art and a plethora of creative projects. His art and graphic design is renowned for its experimental and beautiful ways of using language and images to powerfully communicate ideas.

Bowie described Davide’s creative work as “potent visual alchemy” and called him ‘The Visual Alchemist'.

Davide's book, The Guiding Principle became an Amazon bestseller in 2012, and his ideas around consciousness, creativity and expanding human potential have led him to work with CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations, musicians and media personalities, professional athletes and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

Inspired by adventure and a passion for learning, he has travelled extensively, connecting with the art and cosmologies of many diverse cultures. He spent over a decade training with Shamans and Energy Masters from both East and West - studied, practiced and taught a plethora of systems including Self-Enquiry, Sound Healing and Elevating Human Perception and Vitality. He has devised and facilitated numerous workshops, vision quests and retreats in the UK and different parts of the world, alongside creating successful online learning programs and seminars. Central to everything he does is a sense of play and excitement.