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STARMAN SESSIONS - Breathing Life-Force into Your Creative Visions

“Life becomes vital when we access the power to astonish ourselves first, then shine our astonishment out into the world.”


A Starman session is a potent fusion of deep enquiry, insight and focused action, creating a dynamic visionary environment where extraordinary things are brought into being. The incredible wisdom encapsulated in the Starman Tarot addresses the many major archetypal themes and changes in life that we all experience and seek to understand and shape. Our creative conversation which involves the drawing and reading of the cards for you, will help to reveal the previously unseen and give birth to vital new contexts - viewpoints - through which to look and explore your current situation and the compelling drama of your life. My aim in creating this meticulously crafted ‘art technology’ is to assist you in developing and cultivating a profound sense of meaning. Using this beautiful tarot framework I invite you to bypass the logical, fear based assumptions that are so prevalent in the world to touch something far deeper, more resilient and ancient within. Working with the Starman Tarot invites a visceral and intimate experience interweaving nature based shamanic teachings, philosophies and magic with futuristic science and technology.  My wish for you is that you will leave the session catalysed to live your dreams and fullest potential, infusing life with a vivid sense of wonder.


One Hour Session: £175 BGP $230 USD

Half Hour Session: £100 GBP $130 USD


My name is Davide De Angelis and I'm a multi-award-winning designer, art director, energy master, author and teacher with over thirty years experience in helping people and organisations activate their highest creative visions, bringing their ideas to life in the most potent and transformative ways possible. The fact that I have successfully bridged the gap between being a creative professional and an expert in coaching, psychology, deep-healing and human potential, places me in a unique position to help those ready to realise their highest creative potential.


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